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Welcome to the official SMSQ/E Website. This site hosts the official distribution of the SMSQ/E sources.

The current version of the SMSQE sources is 3.33

You can download the file containing the SMSQ/E sources here. This file is a zipped file, containing all of the sources, including the licence.

The current filesize for this is 3071368 bytes....!

You may also download the file containing the SMSQ/E sources in a ready-to-go QXL.WIN file here. The file is a zipped file of a QXL.WIN container.

The current filesize for this is 2211210 bytes....!

BINARIES : you can download the compiled versions of SMSQ/E here.

You may also download only part of the sources, i.e. some individual directories, as follows:

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Please make sure that you read the licence first. You could do worse than read it here.

You can also:

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Last updated on 2018.06.30.